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June Newsletter

Date: 17th Nov, 2018


Points of Light Project Releases Infant & Toddler Nutrition Video Series

Points of LightFrom Points of Light’s inception in 2004, we have endeavored to encourage dentists to accept infant patients into their practices.  Thanks to your efforts and participation, our project now enjoys a presence in seven states, and we continue to grow.


Most dentists routinely review, discuss and otherwise direct dietary preferences of their patients as part of their oral health care practice. As more dentists accept infant patients, it’s important to recognize that when it comes to counseling parents regarding diet and nutrition for their children, there are critical differences between infants’ and older children’s needs. In recent years, progressive practitioners have even begun to discuss the increasing prevalence of increased BMI and epidemic obesity.


Diet is particularly crucial for healthy brain development during the first two years of life. If parents and caretakers hold back on children’s caloric and fat intake during this developmental period, they may unwittingly be compromising their children’s ability to reach their intellectual potential.


I urge you to watch and learn from the experts who volunteered their time and expertise for this video series. Our co-sponsor, the Michigan Dental Association, is offering one hour of continuing education credit (1hr. CE) for professionals who watch the videos and successfully complete the online quiz.

Click here to watch a sneak preview or here to visit the Infant & Toddler Nutrition video page on our site and begin watching the series.


Respectfully submitted,


Kevin J. Hale, DDS, FAAPD
Executive Director, Points of Light Project




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