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November 2013 Newsletter

Date: 3rd Jul, 2020


A Call for Support: The Price of Success

Since 2004, the Points of Light project has endeavored to enhance acceptance of early preventive dental care among dentists, parents and the medical community. During that time, we have connected thousands of children with hundreds of dentists throughout Michigan, Missouri, Indiana, California and more. We have increased awareness of the needs of a silent minority -- children with special health care needs -- and have advocated on behalf of Head Start kids. But our work has just begun.


The communities we serve have asked us to address the next logical step in preventive care, as it impacts our children, by adding a new category of patients. Effective immediately, current and new POL dentists may now register on the Points of Light website to accept pregnant women.


Evidence reveals that a majority of women allow their routine dental visits to lapse during pregnancy; however, this issue is critical among the poor. Usually, when a woman who cannot afford health benefits becomes pregnant, she is eligible for Medicaid. This coverage offers reasonable access to medical and prenatal care, but is not a guarantee of access to dental care. In answer to this concern, FQHC’s in our participating states are stepping up to fill this gap. We suspect that many small community dental practices will want to do the same.


From within our success emerges our problem. The Points of Light project needs your support to pay for the design, printing, and distribution of promotional materials to be placed in OB/GYN offices in communities of participating dentists (~$11,000). It does very little good to have dental practices ready and willing to accept these patients if the patients are unaware of the value and accessibility of oral health care and the profound impact it will have on their unborn children.


The Points of Light project needs your support to create ‘tipping points’ within communities across the states we serve and in your home town. Your support can be the difference between preventing cavities or a child enduring tooth decay. Your generous donation can be the difference between a child having a dental home or not having a dentist.


Please do your part to support our outreach. Click here to make a tax deductible donation to the Points of Light project.


Respectfully submitted,

Kevin J. Hale, DDS, FAAPD
Executive Director, Points of Light project


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The Points of Light Project
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