Points Of Light

Head Start Participants

Children who participate in Head Start programs, despite economic barriers, are in need of coordinated, ongoing, accessible, and comprehensive oral health care. In fact, the oral health of these children can serve as a foundation for the development of favorable dietary and hygiene habits that can profoundly enhance their general health and well-being over the course of their lives. As with all children, the early these patients can establish a ‘Dental Home’ the more likely it will be that preventive measures can be employed to manage the patients oral health risk factors.

If you are a physician interested in promoting the Points of Light project to the families in your practice, contact us through this website or contacts your state academy to obtain promotional materials.  If you are a dentist interested in accepting Head Start participants into your practice, register on this website and check the appropriate box.

A Dentist’s Guide to Head Start and Points of Light

Learn more about Head Start, Points of Light, and importance of the year one dental exam by watching this video.