A Dentist's Guide to Head Start and Points of LightA Dentist’s Guide to Head Start and Points of Light
Learn more about Head Start, Points of Light, and importance of the year one dental exam by watching this video.

Looking For A Change In CultureLooking For A Change In Culture
Dr. Dan Briskie describes the change of culture needed to improve children’s oral health and their access to care.

Dental Care:  A Pediatrician’s Perspective
Dr. Penny Baumeier talks about the importance of dental care for infants and small children from a Pediatric Physician’s perspective.

Fluoride Varnish In The Pediatric Office
Pediatrician Dr. Lisa Hammer talks about incorporating a fluoride varnish program into her practice.

Knee-To-Knee ExamKnee-To-Knee Exam
Demonstration of a dental hygienist giving an infant a knee-to-knee exam.

Well Baby Knee-to-Knee Exam VideoWell Baby Knee-to-Knee Exam Video
Dr. Steven Davenport explains how to properly administer a knee-to-knee exam on infants and young children.

Infant Oral Hygiene:  Home Care Recommendations
Tips for parents and pediatricians on improving the oral health of infants and small children.

Through The Eyes Of The Pediatric Dentist
Pediatric Dentist Sarah Carrico talks about the Points of Light program.

What To Look For
Pediatric Dentist Sarah Carrico talks about what to look for when examining and treating infants and young children.

Points of Light in a FQHC Setting
An overview of the Michigan Points of Light project and how to conduct an H1 dental visit.

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